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Commercial and domestic

Water tanks

We offer a wide range of domestic and commercial water tanks in various colours and sizes. These tanks also feature a selection of pumps and monitoring systems. For the full list, please see the information below.


Domestic sizes

All tanks up to the RT-275 are 2.2m high. The RT-310 and the RT-365 are 2.9m high. For tanks larger than 365,000 litres, or for customised tank sizes, contact 1300 789 588 

Note: Sizes listed are gross capacities. Effective capacities vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.


Domestic features


  • Kingspan Rhino INFINITY liner (5 layer reinforced)

  • Bluescope steel corrugated wall and roof sheets

  • Tank inlet (leaf filter basket or 50mm inlet)

  • 50mm outlet and ball valve

  • Removable internal/external ladder

  • 20 year conditional warranty

  • Magnesium anodes for corrosion protection

  • 50mm scour drain

  • Lockable access hatch

  • 100mm bell mouth overflow


  • Additional outlets and valves (50mm, 80mm, 100mm)

  • Fire fighting coupling (to meet state/territory regulations)

  • Dust and vermin proofing seal

  • Additional inlets (leaf basket/50mm, 80mm, 100mm)

  • Water level gauge

  • Geo-fabric underlay

  • Hold down brackets if on concrete

  • Termite barrier

  • Extra 100mm bell mouth overflows


Commercial sizes

Envirocycle offers a diverse range of rainwater/water tanks for commercial applications. Ranging from 5,000 – 4 million litres, these tanks come in steel (above ground only) or concrete (above and below ground). All tanks come with full installation and can include water/irrigation pumps if required.


Commercial features

All structural components of Kingspan Rhino commercial tanks are hot-dipped galvanised to meet AS/NZS 4680:2006 (Hot dip galvanised zinc coatings on Fabricated Ferrous Articles).  Every commercial tank installed includes sacrificial magnesium anodes that are engineered to AS 2239 alloy M3 analysis and performance standard.

The zinc or galvanised coating on any steel gives some cathodic protection, however, this protection is limited. The use of correct installation and our regular maintenance program is therefore essential to maximise the longevity of your tank. 

Generally nozzles used on your commercial tanks are manufactured from PE80 HDPE or hot-dipped galvanised steel. HDPE fittings are manufactured from high-density polyethylene complying with AS/NZS 4130:2003 and fabricated in accordance with PMBWELD301A. Nozzles can be supplied with Table E, Table D, ANSI/AMSI or Class PN16 flanges as well as BSP (threaded) and roll-grooved connections.

All platform and caged ladders on or around our commercial tanks are manufactured in accordance with AS 1657-2012 (fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders). 

Domestic/commercial colours

All rural tanks can be supplied in ZINCALUME or the full range of COLORBOND colours. The COLORBOND steel colour swatches have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones.


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