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Commercial and domestic

Treatment systems

Envirocycle specialises in the design and installation of commercial and domestic treatment systems to suit all client needs. From custom winery treatment systems to multi-stage industrial complex systems and 3-6 bedroom homes. Envirocycle has a design system for you.


Commercial systems

Like domestic waste, the treated water that comes from commercial systems must be disposed of at a nominated and council-approved irrigation site. These sites can vary in design and size, therefore requiring a knowledgeable technician to ensure that they are installed correctly. With over 35 years of experience in installing a range of irrigation systems for commercial clients, we assure you that Envirocycle knows how to handle this kind of job.

Domestic systems

Envirocycles domestic systems are the first AWTS in Australia tested and approved under new health guidelines. They have undergone a rigorous, six-month testing program, achieving better than required results in all categories. You can be confident that water treated using an Envirocycle unit is clean, odourless and safe.


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