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Envirocycle® is a unique system developed specifically to recycle domestic and commercial wastewater.

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What Is an Envirocycle?
Envirocycle is a unique system developed specifically to recycle domestic and commercial wastewater from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry and treat it in an underground tank ,constructed of concrete to a purity approved by relevant health authorities throughout Australia.

Natural Process
The Envirocycle method for treating sewage and sullage from domestic and commercial developments is based on the age old principal of separating solids from liquids allowing anaerobic bacteria (which does not require oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen) to digest the waste. 

This natural process of treatment has been further enhanced by utilizing an Ultra Violet Disinfection process in either domestic or commercial applications. This process is available in the Model 10NR. All other wastewater treatment systems utilize chlorine.

Monitoring System
A monitoring system is located within the dwelling that alerts the owner in the unlikely event of a malfunction of any mechanical component.

By means of a spray system to selected areas of your garden or paddock as appropriate. The treated water is dispersed through irrigation lines and spray points. In this way nutrients are returned to nature in a controlled manner. This ensures that designated areas of your garden receive the benefit of regular watering.

Envirocycle® caters for both, Domestic and Commercial wastewater treatment application, so whatever your needs or capacities, Envirocycle will meet your requirements.

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