Exceptionally Clean Treated Water

Envirocycle produces a clear, odourless effluent, avoiding the offensive, embarassing wastewater
odours that can be a common problem with septic tanks.

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Commercial and Residential

AWTS Maintenance Service offers water tanks for both residential and commercial applications. Ranging between 5,000–4 million litres.

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Why Envirocycle?

An Australian born innovation since 1982, Envirocycle systems are inexpensive, safe, and environmentally sensitive, making them a cutting edge solution to household wastewater treatment. Household wastewater from your bathroom, laundry and kitchen is treated in an underground unit using state of the art processes such as UV disinfection. The clean, odourless, treated water is then automatically dispersed to your prescribed irrigation system.

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What's Included

Natural Process

The Envirocycle method for treating sewage and sullage from domestic and commercial developments is based on the age old principal of separating solids from liquids allowing anaerobic bacteria (which does not require oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen) to digest the waste.


Monitoring System

Every Envirocycle comes with a monitoring system that is located within your dwelling. This system alerts you in the unlikely event of a mechanical component malfunction.


Irrigation System

Once the water is treated your Envirocycle will automatically pump the treated effluent to your prescribed irrigation area. This area will have to be approved by your local council. Envirocycle can help with attaining council approval, just give us a call.


A Brief History

Since 1984, Envirocycle has been the only aerated wastewater treatment to ever receive an Australian Design Award. Since then, AWTS Maintenance Services have been incorporating new technologies into Envirocycle products, including the Envirocycle Model 10 NR design, which is now one of the world’s leading systems of its type.

6Australian States
20,000Tanks Installed
300Projects Completed

Installation In Just 3 Easy Steps

1. Prior to the commencement of works, you will need council approval for your tank/irrigation system. As part of our service, Envirocycle will assist you with the council application and approval process from start to finish.

2. Once approval has been attained, installation normally takes half a day. The complete unit is lowered into a pre-excavated hole approximately 9m² by 2.2m deep and is connected to the electrical and plumbing lines.

3. Finally, your irrigation zone is ready to be installed. Installation times vary depending on what type of irrigation is required, but like tank installation, usually takes half a day.

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How Can Envirocycle Save Me Money?

Councils require you to have a designated area of land set aside for irrigation purposes. The irrigation area can be costly to set up, as well as taking land away that could be used for other purposes. Councils and wastewater report consultants decide the size of your irrigation area based on the concentration of nitrogen in your wastewater. Envirocycle radically reduces wastewater nitrogen levels, this is helpful in reducing irrigation area sizes.

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What Our Customers Say

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to your team for the excellent service we received recently. It's really nice to know that good old fashioned customer service is not dead but still alive and well and living at your organisation!


I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys at all. From the time I first called them to the time they had completed the work for us it was a pleasure as they took control right away and went right to it.